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BIND servers, Stagefright, IPv4, Livetext, etc.

    By Brian Warkoczeski - July 30, 2015 8:05 am

News from the world of IT...

Remote denial of service vulnerability exposes BIND servers

ZDNET - The vulnerability affects every DNS server online which uses the popular BIND protocol software.

One simple way to protect your Android phone from the Stagefright flaw

CBS News - It's not exactly convenient, but drastic times call for drastic measures

Americas are just 2 weeks away from running out of IPv4 addresses

Network World - John Curran, CEO of the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN), told attendees at the Campus Technology conference in Boston on Wednesday that the IP address authority's pool of IPv4 addresses has dwindled to 90,000 and will be exhausted in about two weeks.

Yahoo launches a monster of a messaging app

CNN Money - Yahoo has taken all of the viral features of the most popular messaging apps and combined it into one monster of a service called Livetext.

The government is headed back to the drawing board over controversial cybersecurity export rules

Washington Post - The federal government will make changes to proposed rules on cybersecurity tools and request more feedback.

Click-Fraud Malware Spreading via JavaScript Attachments

Threat Post - The SANS Internet Storm Center reports a rash of malicious spam pushing Kovter click-fraud malware.

Xen patches new virtual-machine escape vulnerability

CSO - The flaw affects virtualization systems that use QEMU to emulate CD-ROM drives.

Life's a breach: Reported attack on United Airlines shows everyone has valuable data to protect

CNET - No longer focused on stealing credit card numbers alone, hackers are flexing seriously dangerous muscle, security experts say.

Obama rolls out initiative to boost US supercomputer capability

CIO - US President Barack Obama has signed an executive order setting up the National Strategic Computing Initiative that will adopt a coordinated strategy involving multiple government agencies, academia and the private sector for the development of high-performance computing systems.

Yelp shares plunge, chairman steps down

USA Today - Yelp, the crowed-sourced reviews site, has taken a big hit from shareholders after a review of its own.

Update: Maliciously crafted MKV video files can be used to crash Android phones

Computerworld - Researchers discovered a vulnerability in Android's mediaserver component that can be exploited by malicious apps and websites.

CyberX Launches Industrial Threat Intelligence Initiative

Security Week - Industrial cybersecurity startup CyberX has launched its Industrial Threat Intelligence Platform, which the company says can help utilities identify cyber security threats in operational networks.

Anthem Breach Linked To Black Vine Group & Beijing InfoSec Firm

Dark Reading - Health insurer's breach of 80 million records attributed to 'well-resourced cyberespionage group' Black Vine. Could they also be behind breaches at OPM and United Airlines?

It's Amazon's World. The USPS Just Delivers in It

Bloomberg - The U.S. Postal Service has become an extension of Amazon and is courting other e-commerce giants.


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