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Misfortune Cookie, SoakSoak, DNS Security, Wi-Fi blocking, etc.

    By Brian Warkoczeski - December 24, 2014 7:57 am

Some news from the world of IT...

Misfortune Cookie vulnerability affects 12 million routers

Network World - A newly-discovered vulnerability puts 12 million routers at risk around the world in homes, small business, and corporate environments.

SoakSoak Malware Campaign Evolves

Threat Post - The attackers behind the SoakSoak malware campaign are continuing to modify their tactics and have infected a new group of Web sites.

VeriSign Warns of DNS Security Risks

eWeek - The CSO of VeriSign discusses his concerns about domain collisions and the risks they entail.

Thunderbolt devices can infect MacBooks with persistent rootkits

Computerworld - Attackers can infect MacBook computers with highly persistent boot rootkits by connecting malicious devices to them over the Thunderbolt interface.

Neglected Server Provided Entry for JPMorgan Hackers

New York Times - The weak spot at JPMorgan appears to have been a fairly simple two-step password system that was neglected, leading to a major security breach this summer.

Google, Wireless Industry Not Down With Marriott's Wi-Fi Blocking Plan

Recode - Microsoft and Google don't agree on much, but they've presented a united front against the hotel industry, which is trying to convince government regulators to give them the option of blocking guests from using personal Wi-Fi hotspots.

Making web programming easier and more secure

ZDNET - An MIT researcher has unveiled a new approach to self completing programming with Ur/Web.

Backoff Malware Validates Targets Through Infected IP Cameras

Dark Reading - RSA report on Backoff dives deeper into clues about the POS software and hints at attackers potentially located in India.

Hardware store robot gives customers high-tech help

CBS News - The Oshbot helps shoppers with the nuts and bolts.

Flaw in open-source PDF viewer could put WikiLeaks users, others at risk

CSO - An open-source component used to display PDF files on and other websites contains vulnerabilities that could be exploited to launch cross-site scripting (XSS) and content spoofing attacks against visitors.

Crimeware-as-a-Service Offers Custom Targeting

CIO - The Vawtrak banking malware botnet allows cybercriminals to target specific geographic areas with custom malware.

Apple, Microsoft, Sony sell smartphone patents for $900M

CNET - The tech giants finally relinquish their hold on the highly-coveted technology rights, possibly marking the end of a patent fight between Android phone manufacturers and competitors.

Senators query rideshare services Lyft, Uber on privacy

USA Today - Ridesharing services Lyft and Uber are picking up more attention from the U.S. Senate.

Smartphone Use Supercharges Thumb Control in the Brain

NBC News - Using a smartphone regularly may train your brain to devote more resources to your thumbs and tapping fingers, according to research by Swiss neuroscientists.

Apple pushes out first-ever automatic security upgrade for Mac

CNN - Did you notice something different when you booted up your Mac this morning? You may have noticed you were greeted by an notice from Apple, which pushed out an automatic security upgrade.


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