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OS X El Capitan, Project Sonar, Flash, FBI warning, etc.

    By Brian Warkoczeski - September 01, 2015 8:12 am

IT news to use and peruse...

OS X El Capitan on track for September release

Computerworld - Developer preview tempo is now two weeks ahead of last year's Yosemite.

Microsoft's Project Sonar: Malware detonation as a service

ZDNET - Microsoft's 'Project Sonar' service, which analyzes millions of potential exploit and malware samples in virtual machines, may be available to users outside the company in the not-too-distant future.

Adobe Flash's newest enemy: Google

CNET - Starting Tuesday, Google's Chrome browser won't automatically play ads that use Flash -- another blow for the long-criticized animation software.

FBI issues supplier scam warning to businesses

CSO - Agency PSA addresses business email compromise scams.

Bulletproof admin boxes beat the toughest hackers

InfoWorld - The best way for hackers to pwn a company is to steal elevated credentials, but Skyport's SkySecure solution sells nearly impenetrable admin boxes.

Uber Hires Jeep Hackers to Improve Automobile Security

eWeek - Two of the most (in)famous hackers in the world have a new job--thanks to their hack of a Chrysler.

Report: New Apple TV said to cost between $149 and $199

Ars Technica - Increase in capability comes with a corresponding increase in price.

U.S. developing sanctions against China over cyberthefts

Washington Post - A decision on whether to act could come soon, close to a major state visit by President Xi Jinping.

IBM Warns of New CoreBot Stealer

Security Week - Researchers at IBM have come across a new piece of malware designed to steal sensitive information from infected computers.

VMware touts new technologies for managing containers and live migration of virtual machines

Network World - At its VMworld conference, VMware shows off its new container management software.

CERT Warns of Slew of Bugs in Belkin N600 Routers

Threat Post - The CERT/CC is warning users that some Belkin home routers contain a number of vulnerabilities that could allow an attacker to spoof DNS responses, intercept credentials sent in cleartext, access the web management interface, and take other actions on vulnerable routers.

Russia's Fist Just Clenched Around the Internet a Little Tighter

Bloomberg - A new Russian law imposes restrictions on foreign Internet firms. It's a feeling locals already know all too well.

Ex-Secret Service Agent Admits Stealing $820K in Bitcoin in Silk Road Case

NBC News - A former Secret Service agent pleaded guilty on Monday to diverting to his personal account over $800,000 worth of bitcoins during an investigation into online drug marketplace Silk Road.

Biggest Apple Account Theft Ever Hits Only JailBroken iOS Devices

Dark Reading - KeyRaider stole 225,000 legitimate Apple accounts and slammed devices with ransomware and phony purchases, but only jailbroken gear, mostly in China, is affected.

Google's new OnHub router is beautifully simple

CNN Money - To solve the the ugly router problem, Google has, rather unexpectedly, designed its own router.

Intel: Criminals getting better at data exfiltration

CIO - Enterprises tend to be highly focused on keeping attackers out of their systems, but most of the actual damage happens when the bad guys are able to successfully steal data.


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